Raelle M Gigliotti

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November 1, 2016 6:10 AM
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1 (See charges)
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November 1, 2016 6:10 AM
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September 10, 1986
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Ybor City WTF Beat Up Tranny Druggie Bum Prostitute

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Raelle M Gigliotti September 10, 1986




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Here’s a quarter wrote :

Have a rat chew that wart off your nose.

B. Deep wrote :

Has anyone heard the expression.. 'God is good. All the time.' ?

Careful wrote :

Don't piss off Clive again...


I hate myself for the things that i have done

Lives that i have shattered and hearts that were broken just so i can have some fun

To live my life every day hating myself is sad,

There are times when it makes me just so mad.

I get mad at myself for the little things

Things that i can't even control

Like the way my hair is, and the way that i talk

Down to the very reason why i walk.

There are times when i don't even know why i am living

I prefer to be dead some where

Or left under a rock to die in peace,

Left alone like a mad beast.

I can go on and on why i hate myself,

But most of all I hate myself, because i can never love me.....




Whaaa wrote :

What happened to all the comments on Lorie's page?


LOL! You think this one is a bad seed?......check out her dirty whore mother, Lorie Bailey Browning

I don't have common sense? wrote :

Hahaha her weight at 160 it's twice that! She lives off Arby's drive thru, Doritos and Michelob Ultra!! Quit accusing people of keying your car I don't have time for that shit drama you always have in your life that's why you lost your job Rae

more columbians wrote :

John Joseph Moore how are the 'MOOCHERS ?

boring wrote :

boring piece of shit get a dick so whores can feel ya!

Raelle M Gigliotti wrote :

I won an award once for being a dirty slut cum dribbling whore like my mom!

Awards wrote :

Ding ding ding. This stretch of comments wins the nutbag of the year awards. Between all you bottom feeders there might be 1 zillionth of a brain cell. And thats being generous.

Whaaaaa wrote :

What did this cum dribble nut just try to type?

Watch gonna do when they come 4 you wrote :

and for sending us now timeshare is a crime it was reported it is going investigated am pretty soon I'll be picking you up so if you wanna keep posting go ahead and make stir job easier you wanna share of your loser I have nothing better to do I want some niggas right back at you disappear your mom f*** but they're coming what you going to do whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when they come for you

Yup! wrote :

One of you picks you both have something in common you can't keep your dick in your pants one has extra twins he don't afford and the other one is all over the Internet because he was stupid enough to jack off in his pajama pants

Hey Scum wrote :

Peek a boo wasabi or Shackley fuck off Jew bitch!

Your all wrong wrote :

She is a kike dago. I think. Look at that nose!

WikiLeaks wrote :

This crazy bitch was arrested in 2011 on domistic battery! What a fucking walking, talking, breathing piece of shit. I hope she doesnt breed and let loose more dago wop imbreeds.

Who cares wrote :

Man or woman you are a loser wasting alot of time and effort defending a piece of shit. Thanks for the enjoyment! Please post more. I need material to read during my loooong shit breaks.

man wrote :

By The way I am a Male

Mr. Sheriff??? is that who you are wrote :

So you are identifying yourself as a sheriff? lol sheriff's dont stoop this low are you Ray?

Help wrote :

Raelle M Gigliotti has herpes. I got them not from her but her mom.

Sheriffs office wrote :

Lady we have better things to do then get IP addresses off a public mugshot forum. You are a very thinned skinned person.

Looser peice of crap keeps writing that does not identify yourself wrote :

I would Love for you to go to New York and make that statement see what "whops" think! Your small mind must of been at a bar due to your hour of post so get a life and leave this page .There is a report and an investigation of IP Address which are very easy to find with technology let me explain that since your verbiage is "tacky" means that Police, Attorney's Private Investigators have special tools to find people like you and stop the "stalking of ones self." With implying false statements which is a no no here! Find a job , work and mind your business and stay off this page as this is typed I am waiting on a Sheriff to file a report for recourse.That my friend means consequences and punishment.

Wops suck wrote :

Zero people are jealous of your white trash genes! Your your herped up mom has 12 kids. 12 rednecks clogging up the system in the future. Should of did a trailer abortion on all 12. Hope they werent born with hpv. You can pass that on through birth you piece of shit walking std wop.

anonymous wrote :

These people that wrote these comments that have nothing better to do are sick and are undiagnosed stalkers. Watching someone else's adult child which is stalking in Florida.You would think they would mind there own business as they know nothing about Raelle and what is going on in her life as they attack a person and as stupid as they are use "key" words to identify themselves .I sell a big defamation/stalking/harassment case coming on! Raelle everyone makes mistakes Michael Caparella should know he used a phone cord which is public record and strangled a girlfreind under the influence. That is fact there is a Police Report and a Injunction to back it up. Raelle we all Love you and pray for you just make better choices PLEASE! Your whole family is here for you do not listen to trash that looks other peoples children up on there spare time instead of going to disneyworld! You will get through this and God is watching over you , You are Loved!!! Sorry you had a rough time .The person named Ray did not post that as the person that did has the IP address Identified and will be looking at serious impersonating charges.Raelle knows who is behind all the illiterate comments that themselves obviously sat home on an evening consuming items to be so stupid to write and lie on the internet where it is so easy to trace! No worries .Anyone that reads this will figure it out the "enemies " a sweet person that did not ID herself and was concerned with a girl and her pain about her situation thought this girl has enemies , no unfortunately it is just two sick people a female and a male that are obsessed with the Mother, instead of having sex in their relationship because they cannot go to Louis Ave to get their "freak on" as witnessed as they have a kid that no one babysits at home so they get off being noisy and a nuisance in someone else's misery. They are sick and both need an evaluation as they make fun as the old saying is "Pot calling the Kettle black" hmm I do not see their lives perfect. As for Raelle you are beautiful, You are strong your gene from your mother you are Loved and you are definitely a survivor and a good mother! You do not pay attention to the trash that made names up and made statements they are the stupidest boringest loneliest souls to go down the line for years now lol lol Looks like your good looking mom won she consumed them every breath they take they are obsessed! Forgive and move on and reach out if you need . You will be ok I promise you! xoxoxo I Love You and you are so beautiful and they are also jealous of that too all the 12 kids and counting your mother had are and Michael Caparella picked your Mother lol lol he didn't want an old hag to have his child, The genes in your family are beautiful and will carry on!!! Be proud , stand proud and learn from this!

Michelle wrote :

Raelle you're very smart that you don't have anything to do with your mother! She's been a bad influence on you all your life! lorie browning you're such a whore and a slut! Have seven kids by seven different men!

mike c. Palm harbor wrote :

Be aware of her mother she's a cleaning lady she Will steal from you and rip you off!! Her name is Lorie browning!

Dr. Papp Smear wrote :

Oh, yes I know your mother.

Randy wrote :

If you knew my mother you'd be saying the same thing!! She's a very evil person!

Anonymous wrote :

Wow! You people are brutal! The girl just got out of jail a few hours ago and you are already attacking her and her mother. It's obvious she definitely has some enemies!

mike c. Palm harbor wrote :

Raelle don't turn out like your mother!! Her mother Lorie browning cleaning lady if you use this lady please fire her! She will steal from you, rip you off never give her the key to your house! She's a criminal a scumbag liar thief she has a bad criminal record attempt murder charges against her! Would you want someone like her to clean your house?

Michelle Palm Harbor wrote :

Yes her mother lorie browning is a crazy bitch she tried to kill my boyfriend Mike she put a gun to his head!

Ray pinellas County Sheriff wrote :

Raelle you know not to drink and drive! Get your shit together!

joe Palm harbor wrote :

Oh my God I think lorie I think this is the girl used to clean her house! My wife couldn't stand her so we had to get rid of her! She's to overcharge us and not do the job properly!! Beware of this cleaning lady she will rip you off!!! I think her name is Lorie browning!!

bob gigliotti wrote :

You're right Michele her mother is a big slut! I hope my daughter don't turn in her mother's direction. Her mother has seven kids by seven different men!! I can't even keep up with her last names Lorie moore, Bailey,caparella, browning and there's two other names I can't think of it this time!! Also her mothers a criminal attempt murder charge against her!

Michelle seminal Florida wrote :

raelle is turning out to be just like her slut mother!!

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